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by | Feb 27, 2016 | Blog

Hello and welcome to the Little Loves Blog – in this blog you will be able to keep up with our progress and the projects we are working on.

Who we are and our first project:

Our charity is set up to help orphans worldwide; in the coming years we would like to see orphans and poor children’s lives transformed.   Our first project is an orphanage in India which will be set up like a village with multiple homes on campus each with a house mother to take care of the children. Our main purpose of this is to recreate the family unit as best we can with the resources we have.

Our humble beginnings

Forgive me please, I should have started writing at the beginning of this process as it has taken a whole lot longer than we ever expected to obtain our official charity status in the US. There have been obstacles and challenges along the way but we have come leaps and bounds since we began in May 2015.

Although we have been on this journey for the last 9 months and there have been a lot of administrative tasks to overcome in our pursuit to obtaining our charitable status, we have managed to lay the foundation of where we would like to see this charity go long term.  At times it felt like forever but looking back it has been valuable time to get organized and lay the ground work for what is approaching in the coming years.

What have we been working on?

Where do I start? In conjunction with administrative tasks for the State and Federal Government to obtain our official charity status, we have been working on our model for how we would like our orphanage in India to be run.

The model (which will be free to download on the website) is the handbook for our orphanage director which includes everything from what a child should receive on their first day to job descriptions of the house mothers. We have tried to encompass as many of the management processes as possible to aid the director of the orphanage. This model has been a collaborative effort from the board members and it is a definite work in progress. We have spent the last 3 or 4 months creating it and it probably needs another 2 months work.

For all those who have seen and navigated through our website, I’m sure you have wondered what company we used to build it… Well I can proudly say that Jac, my amazing sister in law and board member has been hard at work, building it and creating it in her evenings and weekends. We have “ummed” and “arred” over the logo and changed it to perfect it into what it is today.

Fundraising ideas.

We have had a few meetings on fundraising and Liz has come up with a fabulous idea which will be entitled “Little Loves Run the World” it’s a fundraiser that anyone, anywhere can join. Someone  will be running on behalf of Little Loves 24 hours a day, for 7 days. After you have run, take a selfie with the Little Loves sign that you will receive when you sign up and post it on our facebook page.  You will be able to sign up on our website and schedule your slot.

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