Project India – Phase 1 Update

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Blog

This blog has been a long time coming but I want to update you on progress to date.

We have had a very rough time finding land suitable for Little Loves as the state of Andhra Pradesh split in 2014 and there was a huge amount of buying up of the land which increased the land prices by 60% from 2014-2016. Our partner, Zion Samuel in India, who is running everything from a logistical standpoint has done a phenomenal job in his pursuit to find land.

We are now into our third month of looking for land and last week we had some great news…a 3acre plot of land was for sale and the landlord was prepared to give us a great deal on the land that was well within our budget. Having agreed a price, Samuel started gathering the right people to check the land documents to ensure legal clearance and begin the registration process of the land. Internally, we were all celebrating this news but didn’t want to publicly release this news until we had full clearance. Much to our disappointment, the document check didn’t go so well… We were told that 1.5 acres of the land belonged to the government and we are unable to purchase government land.

Back to square one…. On Monday, Samuel sent out some of his pastors to visit a couple of sites to review their suitability.  Today (Thursday) we had a call from one of the landlords saying bring everyone with your on Friday, he is desperate to sell and is ready to do a deal asap.

We are fervently praying that the Lord will guide us to the right piece of land and we will keep you updated as our search and progress continue.

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